Earlier this month, (March 15th to be exact), The Wedding Pixie turned 3 and like a mom, I couldn’t be more proud. Boy oh boy, what a journey these first 3 years in business have been!! My heart is SO full and I’m beyond grateful for the beautiful life I live today.

When I started The Wedding Pixie, the plan was for me to use it as a creative outlet because my day job in the corporate world just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  As with anything I do, I gave my all to the corporate job but with each passing day, I was becoming so unhappy and in many ways, the life was being sucked out of me.  I thought if I had a creative outlet to balance my analytical demanding job, then all would well in my world.  And for a few months, that plan was working well.  What I hadn’t expected though was how this business would light a fire of passion within me.  I had a business and more then anything, I wanted to see it grow.  Tending to the business on evenings and weekends wasn’t cutting it anymore.  I so often dreamed of the day I would hand in my letter of resignation and pursue my budding business full time.  In May 2015, my dream turned into reality when I FINALLY took the biggest (and scariest) leap of my life. Back then, I remember feeling like I was jumping out of a airplane. That is really the best way I can think of to describe it. Sitting here today, reflecting on this journey, I see the parachute did indeed open. I landed on my feet.  Yes, there were rocky days as it’s been quite the journey filled with moments of every emotion imaginable. Never could I have imagined that in the summer of 2016, my first real summer of being booked with clients, a time I really saw my dreams coming true, would also be the time I would have to say goodbye to my mom.  Juggling hospital visits, doctor meetings and grief in the middle of wedding season could never be something anyone plans for but it sure did show me exactly what I’m capable of in this life.

To my beautiful couples, inside and out, who have trusted me with their weddings, I thank you for being wonderful and playing a role in my first 3 years of business bliss! To my vendor friends, you are all amazing for your support, replies to my countless emails and showing up on wedding days to do what you do best! I’m so excited for what lies ahead in the next year.

Post image by Avenue-Photo