Thanks to romantic comedies like The Wedding Planner and Father of the Bride, you probably have a general idea as to what a Wedding Planner is and what we can do for you.    However, with many venues now providing an on-site venue coordinator, many couples are often left asking themselves if they really need to hire a professional Wedding Planner/Coordinator as well.  The simple answer to this question is yes but before you say “well of course she would say that,” let me explain why these two professions are not one and the same.

If you have booked a venue that provides on-site coordinator, they will no doubt be a valuable asset to you and your fiance along your planning journey.  In all honesty, I enjoy getting to know the on-site coordinators myself because when we work together for you, the couple, we can make the other person’s job easier.  It is important however, to understand the key differences between an on-site coordinator’s role and what an outside professional, like The Wedding Pixie, can do for you.  By understanding these differences you will be sure to avoid frustration and disappointment down the road.


  • Work for the venue
  • Will advise you of the venue’s policies and procedures
  • Liaise between you and the venue’s operations staff
  • Are primarily focused the day-of your wedding on managing and fulfilling the venue’s responsibilities as outlined in your contract – i.e floor plan is executed correctly, ensuring proper set up of tables and chairs at each table and overseeing food timing
  • Typically leave once dinner is served turning the evening over to the venue manager

Another important consideration to keep in mind is the person you book and plan with at a venue may not be the coordinator working on your actual wedding day!


  • Work for you, the couple
  • See to the finest details of creating your dream wedding
  • Supervise ALL aspects of the wedding day itself (Psst…we will even make sure Aunt Edna and Uncle Bob keep their distance from each other since divorce proceedings aren’t going well)
  • Will communicate with the venue and ALL your vendors before the wedding day to create a master timeline ensuring everyone is on the same page
  • Are focused the day-of your wedding on you and work with ALL your vendors striving to give you what is most important…the best wedding possible!
  • On the wedding day, arrive before your ceremony starts and leave after the late night table is served


Take time to consider your needs throughout the planning stages and of course, on your wedding day and be sure to weigh all your options accordingly.  On-site venue coordinators are indeed valuable but since they work for the venue, they have boundaries in fulfilling  duties to the Bride and Groom.  Hiring an outside, independent Wedding Coordinator/Planner is the best way to guarantee the most organized and stress-free wedding experience.

Happy Planning!